Chakra Crystals Flower of Life Necklace

Bring the mystery and allure of the flower of life into your jewelry line with this sterling silver flower of life charm with chakra crystals.

Composed of evenly spaced, overlapping circles, the Flower of Life pendant forms a flower-like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon. The perfect form, harmony, and proportion of the flower of life has been long admired by philosophers, artists, and mystics the world over for centuries. It is considered to be a symbol of sacred geometry, said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. Pendant features seven different colors of Swarovski crystals that represent different chakra.

There are seven key chakras that have been recognized in yoga traditions and practices for many years. Chakras are energy points in the subtle body, rather than the physical body, and are located at major intersections of blood vessels and nerves.

MATERIAL: .925 Sterling silver - polished finish - Swarovski Crystals
CHAIN: 18 in .925 Sterling Silver with spring-ring clasp

PACKAGING: Beautifully packaged in a jewelry gift box with ribbon in organza gift pouch. Includes polishing pad and care instructions