Sound Wave Vertical Bar Necklace - Brass

A very unique gift for your loved one which makes a perfect Valentine's Day, Anniversary or Wedding Gift they will treasure.

Record a message in your own voice and provide an image of the sound wave that will be then engraved on front of the bar. Optional words can be added on the remaining 3 sides. 

Engraved by hand in our WA workshop

GIFT READY BOX, HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE: Beautifully packaged in a jewelry gift box with a ribbon. Includes polishing pad and care instructions.

Product Details

SIZE: 1.25" long x .25" wide
LENGTH: based on selection
CHAIN STYLE: leather cord or gold plated cable chain
ENGRAVING: Up to 18 characters per side (3 sides)

How do I provide the sound wave?
1. Record your voice message on your phone using voice memo or other app
2. Take a screenshot of the wave
3. Upload the image at checkout or if you don't have it handy please email to along with your order number.

You can also record your voice using your desktop computer